Sarges Survival Guide!

To the general public, the term “survivalist” has always called to mind militaristic white supremacists groups or paranoid separatists that give up the modern conveniences of society, drop from the government’s databases and live in backwoods cabins and compounds, staying off the grid.

Well, we here at SGT. SURVIVAL know that “survivalists” are much more likely to be Californians preparing a three-day supply of food and water in case the next big one shakes up their local area, Floridians buying a little extra food, water, batteries and hurricane shutters just a few months before the next hurricane season begins, or a Michigan resident who keeps a blanket, a pair of boots, some warm socks and a few energy bars in the car during the winter months. This is not paranoia, it is just good planning. Like carrying a spare tire in your car, it is there for you, even if you never need it.

There are plenty of online resources for people who just want to prepare a basic three-day kit. Sarges Survival Guide is designed to take you to the next level of preparedness. Because, we feel, that in a true emergency, three days may not be long enough. We want for you to be mentally, physically and financially prepared for any  emergency on any  scale.

So, how can you prepare to survive? What can you do to prepare, to become a “survivalist?” Sarge has developed this comprehensive guide to help you get started. While designed as a guide for the new survivalist, it has plenty of information for the hard-core preparedness experts as well.

Sarges Survival Guide contains some lengthy chapters. You may want to save each chapter or print them out for reading at a later date. And remember, in many emergencies, your computer will be totally inaccessible, so a hard copy of any chapters you find helpful is not a bad thing to have on hand.



About Paul Simard

I was born in 1955. I discovered my first personal computer in 1977 while in the U.S.A.F. I was hooked, but loved them too much to turn them into a job at the time. Now, it seems a good time to do that, but on my terms. So, here we are. I'll be writing about computer builds, OS and software installations, configurations on all, as well as commenting about the obstacles met and how I overcome them.
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