Preppers Are Terrorists???

In a speech, where he speaks out against provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, Rand Paul states that the government considers having guns or storing more than 7 days worth of food a possible terrorist activities and U.S. citizens can be detained indefinately.

In the speech from the senate floor, Rand Paul warns Americans that “Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weather proofed, someone who has 7 days of food in their house” can be considered a potential terrorist by the federal government.

He also warns that under the new provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act the federal government could lock you up “indefinitely” if you are suspected of activities that they consider terrorism related.

You heard right!

Under the provisions in the Act, the military will now have the power to lock up anyone, even American citizens without due process and without being convicted of a crime.


About Paul Simard

I was born in 1955. I discovered my first personal computer in 1977 while in the U.S.A.F. I was hooked, but loved them too much to turn them into a job at the time. Now, it seems a good time to do that, but on my terms. So, here we are. I'll be writing about computer builds, OS and software installations, configurations on all, as well as commenting about the obstacles met and how I overcome them.
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