Gun Links

The National Rifle Association

If you own a gun or support gun ownership, consider membership is
imperative. The NRA provides a wide host of services, from hunter education and personal protection training to lobbying and legislation. The site provides regular updates on legislation threatening our rights as well as other gun-related news. USPSA – United States Practical Shooting Association If you want to test your pistol skills against others in an exciting match
format, then IPSC shooting is your game and membership in the USPSA, which is the United State’s IPSC organization, is the association for you. IPSC matches are held ad clubs around the country, and the USPSA is the governing body.

The Second Amendment Foundation

SAF is dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our
Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. This site
includes useful reports and informative editorials from select gun magazines. Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear ArmsThis site contains valuable information regarding the Right to Keep and
Bear Arms including current and proposed legislation, books regarding the second amendment, and hundreds of articles. National Rifle AssociationThe premiere association for the current or prospective gun owner, the NRA site covers everything from Second Amendment issues and legislation to training, education and competition. 


Glock’s are available in 9 and 10 mm, .40 and 45 caliber in a range of sizes. Unfortunately, the site is nowhere near as good as the guns themselves. MarlinThese traditional lever action rifles helped tame the West. 100 years later,
they’re just as handy and available in may common pistol calibers.American Firearms IndustryAnother large shooting site, with an emphasis on news. Includes a listing of second-amendment letters and political information.Century Int’l ArmsA large distributor of surplus guns and ammo. Looking for a CZ52, a Mauser or an old .303 British rifle? If so, this is a good place to start.Taurus FirearmsSarges’s personal experience has proven Taurus guns to be well-made
and accurate pistols, both semi-auto and revolvers from .22 to 44 magnum.


About Paul Simard

I was born in 1955. I discovered my first personal computer in 1977 while in the U.S.A.F. I was hooked, but loved them too much to turn them into a job at the time. Now, it seems a good time to do that, but on my terms. So, here we are. I'll be writing about computer builds, OS and software installations, configurations on all, as well as commenting about the obstacles met and how I overcome them.
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