Civil Unrest In Urban Areas

Looters Will Be Shot!Shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck the Louisiana coast, reports out of New Orleans on September 1st stated that victims of the disaster were being raped and beaten and that fights and fires were out of control, leaving corpses laying out in the open as the city descended into anarchy.

Emergency responders in the New Orleans area were overwhelmed, and as a result their response time was lapsed.

A “Stay Put” scenario may be your only choice after a disaster strikes and you must prepare not only for your basic needs, but also for your safety.

Since the grid may go down during a disaster, each household should prepare for crime. Looting and home invasions will more than likely be at the forefront of these crime waves and a defensible home will help your family stay safe.

Many easily relate to the idea that their home security needs to be beefed up. In fact, some of the homes that people live in are defensive nightmares given the location, structural design, neighborhood or city where they live. Because the home will be more vulnerable when the grid goes down (due to electrical alarm systems not working, lapsed emergency response time, etc), consider having some alternative security features inside your home. A barking dog would be a great detection system for anyone trying to break in. And, if the pet is trained properly, could assist in protecting the family. Wireless alarm systems (battery operated) are great for power outage emergencies, as well as being completely portable.

Strobe Wireless Security System

In an emergency where civil unrest can be a problematic issue, criminals look for accessible targets. They will concentrate on vulnerable “easy-pickings” and bypass more secured areas. This was proven during the Rodney King Trial Verdict riots in Los Angeles and its suburbs, the only structures that were spared from active looting by large gangs were properties owned by armed Korean Americans.

Security is an important preparedness measure to keep in mind when investing in your emergency supplies. Bulking up your home security features for the outside can be your first line of defense in preventing any criminals from trying to enter your home.

Given that our financial situations are each unique, Sarge is not suggesting that you go out and purchase every item on this list. However, if you are able to invest in some security items for the home, Sarge suggests that you invest in as much as you can.

Preps you can get:

Reinforced doors and locksBarred windows or security/storm shuttersPlace thorny bushes or plants around windows or near vulnerable areas of the homeIf possible, create a barrier from approaching vehiclesPut a peep hole in the doorAdd a bolt and chain to the doorFloodlights to illuminate the property (These should be motion-sensor activated)Solar garden lighting can also be an inexpensive way to illuminate areas outside the homeFence the entire propertyA gate at the front of the driveway that has spikes at the top to prevent someone from climbing or jumping over the fenceInstall a Security Camera SystemCreate a safe room or vault to where a family can go to evade their attackersBuy a firearm and know how to use it

Colt 1911

Action Items:

Walk the perimeter of your home and locate vulnerable areasMake necessary changes to your home by bulking up on security layersContact a security expert or friend in the police department and see if they can provide additional adviceStart a neighborhood watch programIf it is a good fit with your family, look into purchasing a firearm or going to a concealed handgun course. If not, invest in non-lethal self defense weapons, such as:


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