Survival Survey: Actual Doomsday Preppers Tweets. How would you respond?

PinExt Survival Survey: Actual Doomsday Preppers Tweets. How would you respond?twitter Survival Survey: Actual Doomsday Preppers Tweets. How would you respond? image by Jon Gosier

I like to see what the rest of the world thinks of NatGeo’s wildly successful series, “Doomsday Preppers,” so I went on Twitter to read their feedback. Here is just a sampling:

Tayla Kaye Whitehead ?@taylaalaaaa

Watching Doomsday Preppers – “When the shit hits the fan… Make sure your not standing in front of the fan.”

TJ ?@XboxTJ

I guess celebrating #Christmas on December 25 will be an especially great gift to those scared of the #MayanCalendar as #DoomsDayPreppers icon smile Survival Survey: Actual Doomsday Preppers Tweets. How would you respond?

InstinctSurvivalist ?@ISurvivalist

I am amazed how many people think we prepare for only one thing and are laughing at 12.21.12. We don’t! #doomsdaypreppers #preppertalk

Aman ?@OakR8dr87

watching this show doomsday preppers got me wanting to order some long term food supply kits. in this day in age u can never b too prepared

Brittany Simone ?@BrittanySimone2

So I think that we should all get the addresses of the doomsday preppers and when the world doesn’t end, we ransack their houses.

Brent Beck ?@bblightning

Anyone looking to join my #doomsdaypreppers squad? I already have a Brita and 4 aluminum baseball bats.

Emily Schieffer ?@emmfrann

#doomsdaypreppers is one of the dumbest shows #canthelpbutlaugh

Tara Ariano ?@TaraAriano

If part of your post-apocalypse plan involves eating worms…for real, what are you actually trying to survive for?

Adrian ?@OddAdrian

#DoomsdayPreppers “About 3 earth worms equal enough protein for a whole day” ehh.. you got any steak?

princess sarah ?@Ssarahwilt

watching #DoomsdayPreppers … these people are psychos…

chris hunter ?@ffhunter116

#doomsdaypreppers just bought my first gas mask…

Richie Rich ?@t20lid

Clearly the wives on #doomsdaypreppers know there getting paid cuz no way they would marry scrams like that

Trey Woods ?@FoxMcCloud13

I wish my family were doomsday preppers.

Brittany Thompson ?@Commit_toBritt

These people on doomsday preppers are #crazy what causes people to think like that???

Lorence Ayag™ ?@YaBoyLorence

Doomsday Preppers probably cant wait until 12/21/12 just to prove everyone they were right. #Lol

Peaches ?@1meanLou

Doomsday Preppers, I know where you live & I’m coming to eat your bacon.

Jamie Bowden ?@NeckBeard87

I wish I had as much money as these doomsday preppers

Novi Novak ?@NoviNovak

Doomsday Preppers… these people dont understand they are more of a Target if I get hungry. Dont go on tv flossin all that canned food haha

Rosie O’Donnell ?@Rosie

doomsday preppers is the most depressing show on tv – more than hoarders –

Darren Smith ?@DazMSmith

#DoomsdayPreppers ~ Watching the nutters on Doomsday Preppers, @natgeoafrica. They’re even wackier than previous episode.

lexi p ?@Lexi_Can_I

Some people are studying for finals some people are watching doomsday preppers on nat geo. Now which is more practical. All I’m sayin.


Twitter Tweets are limited to only 140 characters, including spaces. What would be your response to any of these Tweets, using only 140 characters?

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PinExt Survival Survey: Actual Doomsday Preppers Tweets. How would you respond?


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