Here’s a honey of a post! 17 things you probably didn’t know about honey, but should!

PinExt Heres a honey of a post! 17 things you probably didnt know about honey, but should!To replace sugar with honey in a recipe, substitute 2/3 to 3/4 cup of honey per cup of sugar, and decrease the amount of liquids by 1/4 cup per cup of  honey used.  Stir the mixture very thoroughly. Lower the baking temperature by 25 degrees. Watch the baking time carefully since foods brown more quickly when honey is used.honey jar Heres a honey of a post! 17 things you probably didnt know about honey, but should! image by aussiegall

Honey never spoils, making it a real winner when it comes to food storage. If it crystallizes or becomes granular, place the open container in a bowl of hot water until it liquifies again.

Never refrigerate honey.1 12-ounce honey bear is equal to one cup.Adding a little local honey to your kids diets may help prevent some allergies. The bees have been collecting pollen from plants in your specific area, the same pollen that is the culprit behind many allergies. Tiny doses of this pollen has the same effect as allergy shots, helping the body build immunity against pollen.Bees have been known to produce blue and green honey.Slightly warmed honey is easier to measure out and mix.A good beverage for rehydration is the combination of 1/2 c. honey, 1/2 t. salt, 2 c. orange juice, and 5 1/2 c. water. Use lukewarm water to help the honey dissolve faster, then cool.Honey contains antioxidants, which help protect against cellular damage.Honey can be purchased in a crystal form. When rehydrated, it can be used as liquid honey.Use honey on wounds, including burns, to help them heal faster. Honey is a natural antibiotic.Manuka honey is the preferred variety for first aid treatment.Honey should be stored in closed containers because it absorbs moisture from the air, which can cause it to ferment.A bird found in Africa, called the honeyguide locates and feeds on wild honey. People have learned that the honeyguide becomes very chatty when it finds a beehive, making it possible for people to retrieve honey themselves.Ancient Egyptians used honey as a form of money and fed it to their sacred animals.Honey can be used as a treatment for chapped lips!Honeybees are the only animal that actually produce food for humans! Just one reason to learn about beekeeping and becoming a beekeeper! Pay back the favor!

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PinExt Heres a honey of a post! 17 things you probably didnt know about honey, but should!


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