America’s Obsession with Violence: It’s not a Gun Problem; it’s a Culture Problem

Violence: the new American Pastime.  As the media pundits use this morning’s tragedy in Connecticut to further promote their Anti-Gun Agenda, one really has to wonder how these two-faced hypocrites can even look at the public with a straight face.

I’m really getting sick and tired of hearing how guns are the problem. If guns are the problem, why were schools so much safer only a couple decades ago? During the 1950’s rifle clubs were a pretty common thing to have in public schools. In fact, teachers even taught kids how to shoot and how to safely use their rifles. You didn’t hear about mass shootings back then.

A Culture of Violence: The celebration of everything that’s wrong with America

When are we going to stop blaming guns and start blaming our sick culture? I find it pretty ironic that the same idiots in the media who yell the loudest about gun control legislation, are the same people who can’t stop fawning over every bit of filth pushed out of Hollywood. These people are obsessed with violence, and they promote it every chance they get.

Violence is Celebrated in this Country.

From the daughter of Mafia boss John Gotti getting her own reality T.V. show, to the countless number of violent criminal rappers who have become mainstream millionaires, it seems violence and crime are celebrated in this country. The more trouble these celebrities get into, the more the media seems to hold them up on a pedestal.

Even the President of the United States has promoted this sick culture of violence and filth. During his re-election campaign, President Obama asked a known drug dealer and criminal to perform at his campaign rallies. In fact, the President even invited the criminal rapper Jay-Z to the White House. This is a man who is an admitted crack dealer that was convicted of repeatedly stabbing a man; yet he is glorified by the President of the United States.

Jay-Z at the White House President Barrack Obama with the Violent Convicted Felon and Criminal Drug Dealing Rapper, Jay-Z.

In my opinion, that says everything that needs to be said about our culture. When a violent criminal drug dealer is allowed to hang out with the President of the United States, what does that say to the youth of America? Instead of blaming guns, maybe it’s about time we look at the real problem.

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