Rod Serling’s eerily accurate portrayal of preppers vs. everybody else

PinExt Rod Serlings eerily accurate portrayal of preppers vs. everybody elserod serling Rod Serlings eerily accurate portrayal of preppers vs. everybody else image by meltwater

A piece of prepper conventional wisdom is to keep all your “preps” secret, telling no one. If people, friends, relatives, neighbors, or friends-of-friends find out that you have stored food, water, and other supplies, they’ll be banging on your door demanding their share.

Recently an “emergency manager,” named Valerie Lucas-McEwen caused quite a stir when she wrote an article accusing preppers of being selfish. In a second article she tried to backtrack a bit but still stuck to her guns in the belief that people who seriously prepare for emergencies should be willing to share with others.

Columnist and blogger Patrice Lewis wrote a brilliant response here, and you’ll find numerous similar articles around the web.

My concern isn’t so much the issue of selfishness. After all, what do I care if a woman I don’t know has a less-than-positive opinion of something I choose to do with my own money and on my own time. My concern goes back to the responses of people who have been told they have a “right” to what I own based on the words of Ms. Lucas-McEwen and others like her.

This led me to an episode of Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone”, called “The Shelter”. As you watch this, keep in mind that Serling had to compress the actions of the characters to fit the time constraints of a TV show, but the reactions of the doctor’s neighbors in a time of a deadly crisis seem to be right on the money.

Those who have been preaching OpSec! OpSec! OpSec! are probably more right than not.

These three videos take about 25 minutes to watch.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Your thoughts?

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PinExt Rod Serlings eerily accurate portrayal of preppers vs. everybody else


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