23 Ultimate survival gifts for the person who has everything

PinExt 23 Ultimate survival gifts for the person who has everythingpresents 23 Ultimate survival gifts for the person who has everything image by JD Hancock

This list isn’t for the faint of heart, nor for the person on a tighter-than-tight budget. However, if money allows and you want to give the ultimate gift to your favorite prepper or survivalist, here’s a list from practical to extravagant.

SIRT Training Pistol, must order by Dec. 13 for guaranteed Christmas arrival. Use coupon code 12sm12 to save 20% off the pistol and all Next Level Training products, good through January 1, 2013.

 Jon Bullivant Urban Survival Gear Solar Backpack  — Without a doubt, the very best survival kit I have ever seen. Includes a ballistic shield. This one has everything. Watch for a video review on my blog.

A SteriPEN water purifier. One for each emergency kit and the Sidewinder for off the grid action.

The MedCall Kit – Not cheap, but equipped with common prescription strength meds and loaded with vital supplies.

A Global Sun Oven — Save $80 on a loaded solar oven kit!

A Goal Zero solar generator. Quiet and needs only sunlight.

Emergency Evacuation Cart

Polartec blanket

How about a still for making homemade brew, for bartering purposes, of course!

A tactical vest complete with a holster and magazine pouches.

Every hard core prepper needs their own pocket geiger counter, right?

Sorel boots — lots of styles to choose from. One of the best boots made.

High quality night vision goggles.

Their very own bullet proof vest.

He or she will be ready for anything in this beautiful blue hazmat suit.

A 5-ton cargo truck, in camo no less.

Establish a bug out retreat anywhere in a concrete canvas shelter.

For the prepper with plans to bug out on the water, a 9-man life raft.

To fit in with your luxury bug out location, a Royal Victorian greenhouse.

Surprise the shooting enthusiast in your life with a shooting range in his/her own basement!

A luxury survival condo inside a missile silo. It doesn’t get more secluded than this.

If bugging out to Idaho just isn’t far enough, how about this farm in Belize?

A theme park on your bug out location property. You’ll never need to worry about the kids being bored when the S hits the fan.

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PinExt 23 Ultimate survival gifts for the person who has everything


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